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It's a great site!

Sarah (Student)

I think this is a fantastic resource


I love the site - great and useful idea


thedesk does everything we wanted and does it better.  It targets all the key issues for students transitioning to tertiary study and provides everything they need to deal with these issues and it does so in an engaging and technically very clean presentation and platform.

Executive Dean

The website looks fantastic and I look forward to doing the modules

3rd year student

I am a high achieving perfectionist and need something like this.

PhD student

We are most impressed with thedesk resource

Counselling service

It's very exciting to have access to such a fabulous resource for students

Counselling service

What a great resource


We are all extremely impressed with thedesk

Student Services

What a great tool thedesk is

Student Counsellor

I am a registered user of "the desk"... and WOW !! it is amazing - funky, smart simple.... and engaging.....

Student Counsellor

I have just checked out thedesk and it looks great

Student Counsellor

Thank you for such an innovative idea!


I love thedesk. I have found it very useful in so many ways. I love the videos, the quizzes and the information on the site.

University student

Fantastic website! Keep up the great work!


I just want to express how helpful the desk is with procrastination and I especially enjoy the step by step process it takes me on.


This site is wonderful! I wish I had known about it earlier!! So many helpful strategies inside for me!

Perfectionist (Student)

Some excellent tools here for academics and students. Well conceptualised, accessible & interesting.


This is so well done, practical and useful. Awesome!

Head of Counselling

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